Best of Sea Earth and Fire ... Good Food ... Good Mood
If you want to enjoy and experience fine and creative cuisine, José Ignacio is definitely a destination made for you ! José Ignacio's restaurants and bars offer hosts one of the best and refreshing culinary experience in Uruguay. Uruguayan gastronomy has a lot of foreign influences, especially from Italy, France and Spain, nevertheless expect to find a lot of beef, as Asado "Argentinean BBQ Style" is very Popular here. As José Ignacio stands by the sea shores, fresh fish and seafood abound here. Depending on your food habits, diet and wishes, all kind of specialties can be found here.
Simple ... Sophisticated ... Fancy
Parador La Huella. Simple & Sophisticated. Best of Sea, Earth and Fire … Have a seat, face the ocean and marvel at the natural beauty of José Ignacio. You are at The Restaurant where to have lunch or dinner, and be seen in Uruguay. Few places are able to balance authentic flavors, bohemian chic atmosphere and exclusivity. Parador La Huella achieves all, with simplicity and sophistication. Since its opening, Parador La Huella has been at multiple occasions awarded, and ranked among Top 50 Best Restaurants in Latin America. Its chef and staff prepare simple and sophisticated dishes, using the freshest products from the sea and earth. Among Classics of Classics to try: Corvina a la parilla, Ceviche de Corvina, Pulpo con papas confitadas, and (The) signature dessert " Volcano de dulce de leche ". Reservations are highly recommended.
Parador La Huella: Calle Los Cisnes - 20402 José Ignacio - Maldonado - Uruguay - +598 4486 2279
La Susana Restaurant & Beachfront Club. Yet another bohemian chic beachside bar and restaurant. Located on the shores of Playa Mansa, this restaurant attracts all famous fashionistas, and guests staying at one of Vik's Retreats Resort. Enjoy Chef Marcelo Betancourt’s flavors through his creative and delicious organic food. La Susana Restaurant has masterfully brought together the best in fresh and seasonal local ingredients with a delicious paring of wines. Dj's and musicians play great music to add a cosy atmosphere to the experience of lunch, sunset cocktails or dinners. Meals are generally served under the shade of the bamboo pergolas with feet in the sand, all with the sound of the Atlantic Ocean. As the afternoon fades into sunset, people comes here to enjoy drinks and music, and experience nature's wonder of sunset.
La Susana: Ruta 10, Km 182 - 20402 José Ignacio - Maldonado - Uruguay - +598 4486 2823
Solera Bar de Vinos y Tapas. Qué hora es ? Wine O'clock ! Una Copa ? Wine not ! Have a vineyards tour and delicious homemade tapas while visiting José Ignacio. Solera Bar de Vinos y Tapas is a place that you may easily name " Home " as Solé makes you feel like you were a family member. Soledad & Fernando run this wonderful Wine Bar & Tapas since December 2017. All wines and products are carefully selected by Solé, who has long worked as a professional sommelier in the wine industry. She can tell you countless stories about each wine, winery, and terroir of her homeland " Uruguay ". Solera Wine Bar enables you to discover a large selection of wines, mainly from Uruguay and South America, all paired with delicious homemade tapas and desserts, ingredients are exclusively sourced locally or from sustainable sources. Solera ! Aquí sólo corre la Buena Onda ...
Solera Bar de Vinos y Tapas: Camino. Saiz Martinez esq / Ruta 10 - 20402 José Ignacio - Maldonado - Uruguay - +598 4486 2167
Popei. La casa de un Pescador. Traditional home cooking with a touch of a gourmet. Now run by Diego Machado and wife Luciana, Popei Restaurant belongs to one of the pioneer families of José Ignacio. In 1991 the family opened this restaurant, who was mostly visited by fishermen and their families. The restaurant seeks to vindicate the identity of the place. Fresh fish, seafood, seaweed prepared in omelette, gnocchi, paella … and the accompaniments that combine with these flavors are served at their tables, as part of a simple and varied gastronomic proposal, in a village where the harmony of simple life is combined with the natural beauty of the place.
Popei: Tordos y Garzas - 20402 José Ignacio - Maldonado - Uruguay - +598 4486 2024
Marismo. In Marismo everything has an intimate and artisanal mood, from the unique atmosphere that the fire, the stars and being outside create, to the very ingredient sought with care and respect for real food. It is not just the fish brought by local fishermen. Federico Desseno defines himself as a seeker whose cuisine is defined by the quality of the product. Much of the work means finding the best raw materials. Then comes the ability to honor them in the kitchen and to turn them into an unforgettable dish. From that point of view, a bunch of freshly harvested carrots from a neighbor’s agro-ecological garden may be a finding that sets the course of the day’s menu. Another detail that makes the unique atmosphere of Marismo are the wooden sculptures that inhabit that wild space. They are works of a paternal uncle of Federico
La Excusa. At first sight it’s very hard to know where to look, as every corner of this Coffee-Bar & Concept Store is eye-catching for design amateurs. La Excusa is one of the rarest Bar open all year long. Lovely and friendly staff serves delicious breakfast, daily homemade seasonal cuisine for lunch, while live music, pizzas, craft beers and cocktails are generally at night menu. La Excusa is not only a " Coffee-Bar ", it's also home to a wonderful Fashion Concept Store « Mutate » and Radio La Excusa 98.9 FM. Come to enjoy one of their live concert, a coffee, a beer ... Whatever your Excusa might be !
La Excusa: Calle Las Garzas - 20402 José Ignacio - Maldonado - Uruguay - +598 4486 2703
Monstrador Santa Teresita. Seasonal & innovative gastronomic approach. Owned by famous Argentinean Chef Fernando Trocca. Monstrador Santa Teresita is a casual restaurant where locals and visitors come along for breakfast, lunch, afternoon tea... The Chef creates delicious homemade dishes, seasonal salads, daily seafood, variety of meats that are perfect for lunch or for picnics at the beach. The choice of salads and side dishes are prepared with seasonal and local organic products only. Chef Fernando Trocca, regularly participates in popular TV shows, showcasing his eclectic and innovative gastronomic approach that merges traditional home cooking with a touch of a gourmet cuisine.
Monstrador Santa Teresita: Calle Las Garzas - 20402 José Ignacio - Maldonado - Uruguay
Cruz del Sur Cocina. Farm to table ! Organic Local and Seasonal products Only. At Cruz del Sur we strongly believe in the wisdom of nature and its harmony, this is why all our crops are certified organic. Our intention is to reconnect consumers with their primary source of food and to teach future generations to look after and value Mother Earth. We seek for the balance between taste, colour and texture in everything we plant and cook.
Cruz del Sur Cocina : Las Garzas - 20402 José Ignacio - Maldonado -Uruguay - +598 9335 7571