Garzón ... la Toscana del Uruguay
Garzón is the perfect destination for a day trip, a week stay ... A lifetime hideaway retreat. This blessed land has it all, rugged nature, rich fauna and flora, vineyards, scenic landscapes ... Garzón is mainly known for its vineyards, old train station and charming pueblo. But for some people, Garzón remains the destination to go when you need to unplug, reload your inner batteries, and eat extremely well. Because of its remote location, only the most serious travelers and epicureans end up making the trip. But once you make it to these bucolic hills and charming pueblo, you are absolutely captivated. Some artists and celebrities have elected Garzón as their new homeland and hideaway retreat. Not so surprising, nature is so inspiring ! While touring la Toscana del Uruguay, stop by Bodega Garzón and Pueblo Garzón's restaurants, they all offer a selection of traditional dishes paired with delicious wines from Bodega Garzón. The New York Times has recently promoted Garzón as one of the 52 destinations you have to have visited in your lifetime.
Garzón ... a  foodie destination.
Bodega Garzón Restaurant. World-famous Chef Francis Mallmann provided his advice to develop the open-flame cooking technique and Menu. In a Market Menu, chefs only select the best products of the day or the season, using fresh and local ingredients that reflect the spirit of each season. The 120-seat restaurant features a main room, ample terraces, area of fires for different meats, and a private sector with its own terrace. Each room area features panoramic views of the surrounding countryside, hills and vineyards. The menu at Bodega Garzón Restaurant offers a regional selection of different traditional dishes that may be paired with wines from Garzón or from other Alejandro Bulgheroni Vineyards and wineries.
Bodega Garzón. Ruta 9 km 175 - Garzón - Maldonado - Uruguay
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Restaurante Garzón by Francis Malmann. The restaurant itself is a pinnacle of rustic refinement. The decor honors Uruguay’s colonial heritage, hand-carved wood furniture, immaculate white walls and pristine table linens. There is even a place out front to tie your horse should you arrive via horseback. The menu at Mallmann’s restaurant is a glorious offering of locally-harvested meats, vegetables and dairy. The milanesa is a classic, as is the zucchini salad ... Mallmann’s classic technique is using fire to bring out natural flavors, like smashed-and-burned beets with goat cheese, flatbread cooked on ashes with burnt oranges, and for dessert burnt peaches and plums with amaretti and milk. The menu alone is worth traveling for.
Restaurante Garzón. Costa José Ignacio y La Capilla - Pueblo Garzón - Maldonado - Uruguay
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Campo Canteen. Light organic bites, wine, slow coffee in a slow town. All with an artistic twist. Not just any old café, come see what happens when coffee, creativity and community merge. Canteen is a food+art+community lab bringing creative events, curated goods and slow coffee to Pueblo Garzón. Serving as CAMPO’s summer headquarters, Canteen hosts chefs and artists all season long in the new Food + Art Project series, a line-up of creative gatherings merging art, food, and connection in new ways. Reopening December 15 - 2019.
Campo Canteen. Plaza de Garzón - Pueblo Garzón - Maldonado - Uruguay
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Garzón ... a Creative Playground for Artistas & Arts
Campo. Campo is the Spanish word for countryside. In Uruguay, however, it means much more. It stands for the open range, space and freedom. It's an ocean of grass, inspiring a never-ending gallop, connection to the land ... A never-ending love story. Campo is a unique place where the peaceful atmosphere, singular spaces and the rural setting combine for artists to create and experience. Founded by Heidi Lender in a captivating corner of Uruguay, CAMPO is a creative colony that supports international artists and cross-cultural collaboration by providing residencies for committed visual, literary, musical, digital and culinary talents from around the globe. Campo offers uninterrupted time and space for personal work and reflection, and serves as an incubator for creative thought, cultural exchange and community engagement. @Campo -
Campo Art-Fest. Launched by Heidi Lender in 2018, Campo Art-Fest revitalizes Pueblo Garzón's life and cultural offer. 40+ artists from all over the world transform Pueblo Garzón into a wide creative playground. Collaboration and contemplation in the form of artistic installations, music and theater performances, dinner in the plaza, workshops and artist talks are the core of this annual artistic event. Campo Art-Fest 2019. December 28 - 29. @Campo -
Espacio Campo. A new space where Artists and Art matter ... Coming soon in Garzón !!! Stay tuned and follow @Campo and @Heidi Lender for further information.
Art is their Oxygen ... while Nature nurture their Creativity
Heidi Lender. Heidi is an obsessive maker of things and founder of CAMPO a creative colony in Pueblo Garzón. Heidi was formally a fashion writer, editor, and photo stylist for various fashion magazines. A long break took her to India, where she lived part-time for six years. She then changed directions and studied yoga and became a yoga teacher and owner of a yoga studio in San Francisco. However, in 2009, Heidi’s life changed forever when she purchased her first digital camera and began creating images like the ones from her project entitled, " Once Upon ". Now she currently splits her time between the USA and Pueblo Garzón. -
Eva Claessens. Eva's work contemplates our thoughts passing by traveling through intimate worlds, using subtle materials and details that poetically reflects the emotions of belonging. The organic process of working from live models captures the lines and flow of the moment in her artwork. She decided six years ago to live remotely in the countryside between Garzón and José Ignacio, to nurture her creativity through nature.
Art Galleries ... & more
The Piero Atchugarry Sculpture Park & Art Gallery has been open to welcoming visitors since the creation of the gallery in 2013. This land of 22 hectares surrounds the gallery and encompasses the natural beauties of the Uruguayan Landscape. The land has been very little touched by the human hand as the aim of the park is for the visitors to have a fully combines experience of art and nature. Thorough the monumental artworks and the grandiosity of the landscape, the visitors enters an unforgettable phenomenological experience. The sculpture park displays works by international artists working in the aesthetic line of the gallery.
Piero Atchugarry Sculpture Park & Art Gallery. Garzón - Maldonado - Uruguay
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Black Gallery is a contemporary art gallery that represents consolidated and influential Uruguayan artists, as well as young artists in activity, who dialogue with the trends inaugurated by historical figures. Founded and directed by Mercedes Sader and Patricia Fernández Graña in 2014, the gallery encourages innovation in curatorial practices, always maintaining the highest levels of quality in their artistic productions. This is actively put into practice through a select program of exhibitions created in close collaboration with its artists; a production platform and providing continuous support to its artists beyond the gallery space. Black Gallery is committed to preserving the legacy of historical figures and encouraging the practice of emerging and established artists both locally and internationally. In addition to its exhibition space in Montevideo, Black Gallery exhibits the work of its artists in Pueblo Garzón during the summer, fulfilling its mission to participate in the art world in an active and influential way. Artworks of Pati Fernández, Leonilda González, Hugo Longa, Pablo Uribe, Guillermo Zabaleta, Heidi Lender, José Risso, María Freire … are among those to be seen in Montevideo and Garzón.
Black Gallery. Camino Los Cerrillos - Garzón - Maldonado - Uruguay
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